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You deserve to know more about the story of our founder/CEO, Paul Martin Suckow.

Paul M. Suckow, 
Sole Proprietor
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A business is only as good as its people at work.
My name is Paul Suckow (pronounced SOO'-ko).
My senior year of high school, 1979-80, in an "advanced math class" we wrote computer logic ... in FORTRAN IV ... onto coding forms that volunteer operators would keypunch onto cards which they'd attempt to run for benefit of the class.  Our programming successes and failures could only become known the week after!  You see, the single computer available in my home town was an iron mainframe at the local independent oil company.  (Yes, such companies existed as late as 1980, but were in process of selling out just about then.) 
Actually, thanks to my educator father, prior access to a Commodore 64 and then an Apple II had already led to a lot of fun exploring the "Basic" programming language.  So I had played with branching and iterations and had already suffered my fair share of "infinite loops."  To gain early credits the summer before entering college, I completed a hands-on class in "structured programming" (using the Pascal language) and a second class about then state of the art computer vector and pixel graphics. 
I moved on to college and into the then-top-ranked U.S. architecture school at University of Michigan.  There I used Apple Lisa and Macintosh PCs, as well as University computing mainframe resources.  During the fourth year of my college experience, an incredibly difficult final exam in a computer programming class netted me a "C+".  This was the third highest grade in the class (a majority suffered D's and E's!).  So it became the only "C" I've ever been proud to have earned.
Using money from a part-time hospital job before graduation in 1986, I purchased my first "IBM Compatible" personal computer with modem. That color Tandy 1000 machine quickly discovered the pioneering communities of people using electronic dial-up bulletin board systems (BBS's) to communicate on-line.  Later these communities either closed or migrated wholesale to the World Wide Web.  Former BBS sysops and users greatly expanded the "Internet" we know today.  

I'll never forget the feeling of triumph when I got Windows 95 installed with the early Internet Explorer.  I dialed into a free internet access point and surfed to Tim Berners-Lee's pioneering CERN site on my very first visit to the World Wide Web.  A decade after beginning the computer adventure, I'd worked implementing, operating and teaching Geographic Information Systems, and had learned advanced HTML and some CGI and JavaScript (EcraScript) to boot. 

With a working knowledge of ASP/JSP, I had opportunity in 1999 to oversee web development in a half-million dollar enterprise intranet project.  That project helped automate proposals and speed the collaboration and multiple approvals required for a widely dispersed professional real estate group serving one of five major downstream oil & gas companies.  I hung out my shingle as "2000Webitects" in that year.  I was determined that this business embody my core values and serve you with excellence.
As Sole Proprietor, I personally ensure that 2000Webbitects produces a most appropriate product solution for each of it's clients.