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Copyright Statement of Paul Martin Suckow

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While we wish to encourage the educational and non-commercial use of original material in this stored within, this document and these pages are copyrighted by Paul Martin Suckow according to the terms below. 

  1. This document and the web pages located within are copyrighted for current and future years by Paul Martin Suckow.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, this document and materials located within may be copied, adapted and redistributed for nonprofit purposes, provided that appropriate credit is given, for example:

Adapted from My Dream of Free Electricity, (, with permission from Paul Martin Suckow.

This permission does not apply to materials that Paul Martin Suckow has adapted or reproduced from other sources -- please seek direct permission from the author of those materials.

  1. Before using our pages, we would kindly request (but not require) that you notify Paul Martin Suckow at suckow@hotmail.comand would request that you extend Paul Martin Suckow similar permission to use your documents and pages. 
  2. You may seek explicit permission to use our materials by writing to
  3. The above permission does not include permission to "mirror" Paul Martin Suckowís web pages.   Such permission must be sought explicitly by exchange of email with
  4. We gratefully acknowledge those who have given us permission to distribute web pages, pdf documents, data files, and other resources from our web site.  If any copyright holder believes that by making these resources available to the public, we are in violation of the letter or spirit of any such agreement, please kindly contact suckow@hotmail.comand any such materials will be removed from our site.


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