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Paul Martin Suckow

WINDPOWER - Let's think it through.

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Those of us who are thinking about it find our usual can-do optimism clouded by the uncertainty of how much more our environment can take before humanity materially outstrips Earth's benevolent carrying capacity.

If you have the stomache and haven't tried one of the higher-polluting low-cost electricity options, go ahead, try it out; get it out of your system.  My experience with GEXA and TXU is that significant "savings" never materialize - you are paying for electricity, after all.  I believe that you'll come to realize that our shared electric future will be far more worthwhile without each of our 13.42 tons of annual air emissions! 

Unbelievably, 13.42 U.S. tons is the annual amount of carbon dioxide and regulated pollutants from electric generation alone that corresponds to each and every man, woman and child in Texas, individually.  As you may know Texas population itself has increased about 25% per decade, now over 23 million people!  The State of Texas generates the largest amount of Carbon Dioxide air emissions of any state in the USA.  Unquestionably, all would be far better off without the uncertainty raised by current pollution rates about future health, pests, weather, climate, migration and extinction, and thus, economically and ecologically, quite literally everything else.

I've digressed a bit, so allow me to return to Green Mountain as a niche-marketer of renewable energy and a solution we can all go for right now.  Of course, the entire economy operates on the principal of scarcity, and there is only so much unsold wind power developed at this time.  The current offer of 13.9 cents/kWh can be expected to support switching a thousand or more customers to Green Mountain electricity.  I can't stress enough that you should be one of them! 

As with any electric retailer, slow payments can result in late fees.  Once billing begins under Green Mountain's low, locked-in Reliable Rate (which is renewable annually at the then-current rate), the industry-standard $150 penalty applies to those who fail to fulfill the twelve month contract period (of course not applicable to those who move and allow clean Green Mountain power to follow them; not applicable to those who move off of the Texas grid altogether; not applicable to those who move to residences which do not allow the customer to choose an individual-bill electric provider).  Budget billing, where customers are billed the same amount of money each and every month of the year, is available to customers experiencing six months of useage or more.

There is an option for Green Mountain customers like me who feel strongly about doing more to clean up Texas air quality.  I joined the Big Texas Sun Club, whose members donate $5 with each electric bill they pay to Green Mountain to support the installation of solar power systems on public buildings in Texas!  Click the link to visit the Big Texas Sun Club web page to learn more.

If you've read my writing to this point, you've really done your homework. 
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