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Here are some of the images I've been able to assemble showing magatama, the ancient symbol representing the human spirit. I've assembled some photographs of my favorite kinds of authentic magatama.  I reproduce similar magatama in polymer clay.  You can read all about magatama right here in my magata! web site.

Copyright(c)2003; Chuoh-Chichukai-Tsusin/Sakata Ma

Magatama are most associated with the ancient culture of Japan, and indeed ones like the example at the top left have been uncovered there.  Yet, the magatama pictured above was found in ancient flood debris layers on the island of Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  Is this evidence of a global trading culture in ancient times?


The left two lower magatama images are modern stone reproductions.  They are quite beautiful but heavy to wear as ornament.  Images used by the permission of the originator of each image.  Images will be removed if permission of their originators is ever revoked.  Images are not reproducible for commercial use in any form.  Original copyright notices accompany the images as applicable. 


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