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Paul Martin Suckow

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Houston, TX  77035

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Classwork Highlights:


UPEP 906 Env Monitor & Anal                               A-

UPEP 900 Adv Pln Theory & Prac                          A

UPEP 841 App of GIS in Urb Pln                            A



Recent Work:


Harris County CSD in Houston, TX 

·         Senior Planner

·         September 2007 - Present

  • Coordinated Department GIS activities, integrated with wider Harris County GIS.
  • Managed two Planners' GIS map production, 631 different maps produced to date.
  • Produced extensive demographic tables and maps for Consolidated Plan 2010 update.
  • Conducted HUD Part 58 Environmental Review on over $15 million in projects annually.
  • Headed U.S. 2010 Census Boundary Assessment Survey and LUCA verification effort involving central IT staff.
  • Supported Hurricane Ike Disaster Recovery efforts 2008-present.
  • Helped manage major consulting firm effort to systematize environmental review for above.
  • Supported Foreclosure Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2007-present.
  • Served on Harris County Business and Information Technology Committees.
  • Served on Galena Park Environmental Community Assessment Project steering committee. 


Roberta F. Burroughs & Associates in Houston, TX 

·         Senior GIS Analyst - Demographer

·         July 2007 - September 2007

  • Assisted Ms. Burroughs with her GIS mapping needs using ArcGIS 9.x
  • I created final maps and map data supporting the New Starts application for METRO's light rail expansion plans, including the Southeast line, the University line and the North line. 
  • I also provided technical assistance to other portions of the project and coordinated work with three other area GIS professionals.


Texas Southern University in Houston, TX, USA  

·         Graduate Research Assistant, TSU BJ-ML SOPA UPEP

·         September 2005 - July 2007

Air quality research across Texas.  Implementation of web server and servelets with ArcIMS serving live map of air quality data from across the State of Texas, for Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and retrieval by external research teams.

  • Natural pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.  A report on Integrated Pest Management using common household agents including recipe formulas where applicable.
  • A new spatial dataset for the Houston Ship Channel area, a historical time series 1960-1980.


Research Interests:


Human and environmental effects of global warming in coastal cities, the Internet and GIS applied to public education and participation for identifying sustainable energy and land use templates, multiple hazard mitigation and urban planning for strategic metropolitan trajectories in the face of rapid climate change.



  • 2010 cooperating cities and unincorporated places map and feature (p. 223-225, Wiley publications new text, Becoming an Urban Planner by Jason Valerius, AICP).
  • University of Houston Social Work SchoolHow to Develop a Community Plan." Thursday, April 16, 2009, 6 PM – 8 PM, University of Houston Campus.


  • 2007 TCEQ Presentation of the TSU Air Toxics GIS Tool.
  • 2006 TSU Research Day Presentation, “Houston and Rapid Change.”
  • 1997 Speaker at national URISA Conference, "GIS in a Large Business Organization."
  • 1996 Speaker at Tactician Micro-Marketing International Forum, Andover MA.