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Paul Martin Suckow

5738 Cartagena Street
Houston, TX  77035



Seasoned professional seeks teaching/training opportunities pending

Ph.D. in Urban Planning - Environmental Policy.


Public Policy and Urban Planning / Design Skills

o        9 years assisting Directors of Planning in small to medium sized strong mayoral cities.

o        3 years in Planning in the nation's 3rd largest urban county, including disaster recovery work.

o        General (comprehensive) plan, land use, site plan rev., (re) zoning, Codes, direct citizen contact, public speaking, research: stakeholder surveys, financial, real est., housing & census.

o        Distressed cities, HUD funding, intergovernmental cooperation, other grant/sub-recipient/project mgt. 

o        7 Years experience satisfying large, decentralized customer and mgt. groups.  Financial analysis of project alternatives, multi-vendor bid/negotiation/contracting.  Small staff management experience.  Consulting direct to small and medium sized firms, references available upon request.

o        Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professional and advanced doctoral work using and at college level, GIS 2401 & 1411.  Expertise networking â 6.0 with demographics to 5 users, carto-/demo-/psycho-graphic data assembly/analysis, accurate geocoding, use of GPS for point data collection, scripting client side solutions, GIS.  â (8 Yrs)/ ä/ â (6 Yrs, Buttonsä  & ä).  Completed 2-D classes in 2003. 

o        Web Design and Project Management, Advanced DHTML 3 years.  ArcIMS development experience.  Working knowledge of CGI, JavaScript, XML, COM/DCOM and ASP pitfalls.  Research: actionable competitor and partner data, sensitive land use databases, U.S. Census and electoral results in politically gerrymandered and independently commissioned districts.

o        Skills with flat file and relational data sets from Access to Oracle and ASP, SQL, FoxPro, AutoCAD Attributes, MS Access, heavy-duty MS Excel including macros.

o        Error-free data mining and integrating external and internal databases. Familiar with HCAD parcel data and land use attribution.  Windshield surveys to update land use and infrastructure datasets.

o        Completed A+ certification hardware, operating system prep course work in 2003, and built a new PC in 2008. 

Teaching Experience

Adjunct Professor of GIS, San Jacinto College District in Pasadena, TX

·         ACTIVITIES: Develop and teach courses following the standard curriculum for intro and advanced GIS/GPS coursework suitable for partial fulfillment of an associates degree or professional certification.

·        RESULTS: fall 2002, 4 Students; winter 2003, 6 Students. 3 hours lecture and 3 hours lab per week, 16 weeks per semester. Alternating: CRTG 1411 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and CRTG 2401 Data Acquisition and Analysis in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Teaching Assistant, TSU BJ-ML SOPA, Houston, TX

·         As portion of duties to Associate Dean Carroll G. Robinson, I taught his Political Sci. 201 (required course, about 40 students) and Political Sci. 310 (elective, about 14 students) about the basics of writing college-level research papers and presentations, respectively.



Texas Southern University, Houston, TX. 

September 2004 to present.

In Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs UPEP program, I currently approach comprehensive examinations for doctoral studies in Urban Planning-Environmental Policy.  Research interests include:

ADAPTATION PLANNING - Human and environmental effects of global warming in coastal cities; imagery, the Internet and GIS applied to public education and participation for identifying sustainable energy and land use templates; multiple hazard mitigation and urban planning for strategic metropolitan trajectories.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.  

(4 years)

The College of Architecture and Urban Planning, now Taubman School  I was awarded my Master of Architecture degree in Urban Design, and Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture.

Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI.

(2 years)

The Concordia College of Liberal Arts and Sciences awarded an Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts, with honors.



·         Does the country of origin play a role in the choice made by Hispanics to use "contract for deed" form of home purchase? An analysis of data from Harris and Fort Bend Counties in South East Texas. Cpresented with PhD candidate Vickie McBride at the AAG annual meeting on March 26, 2009.
·         TCEQ Presentation of the TSU Air Toxics GIS Tool

·         TSU Research Day Presentation, "Houston and Rapid Change."

·         Speaker at national , "GIS in a Large Business Organization."

·         Speaker at Micro-Marketing International Forum, Andover MA.


Academic Papers

·         Does the country of origin play a role in the choice made by Hispanics to use "contract for deed" form of home purchase? An analysis of data from Harris and Fort Bend Counties in South East Texas. Coauthor with PhD candidate Vickie McBride.

·         Adaptation Planning:  Building Underwater, Under Fire? (Doctoral dissertation, under construction).

·         Houston and Rapid Climate Change.

·         Transportation Infrastructure in Houston and its Third Ward.

·         Lobos Air: A Houston, TX Case Study of Environmental Justice.

·         Chapter 12 GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM: APPLICATION TO URBAN GEOGRAPHY OF UGANDA (reviewed, for Shuab Lwasa, primary author and Bakama Bakamanume).

·         A Suggested ArcGIS Curriculum for Texas Southern University.


Awards, Honors

·         Certificate of Participation, TSU Research Day, 2005.

·         Leadership Award, Student Planning Organization.

·         Twice Elected Political Party Precinct Chairperson in The Woodlands, TX.

·         Elected Montgomery County Party Commissioner, 2000-2002.

·         International WHO's WHO of Information Technology, 2000 edition.

·         Pinnacle "Accolade" Award for Customer Focus and Excellence for timely web-application implementation.


Student Organizations

·         Student Planning Organization, 1st V.P. 2005-2006.

·         Student Planning Organization, Secretary 2004-2005.

·         Student Government Association, meetings 2005-2006.


Professional Organizations Extensive Professional Experience

·         American Planning Association (APA), to present.

·         Texas and Houston Chapters of APA, to present.


Extensive Professional Experience

in Houston, TX, USA

·         Senior Planner - Harris County, TX

·         Senior Demographer/GIS Analyst - Consultant

·         GIS Teacher/Tutor - Consultant

Recent work:

o        I've created final maps and map data supporting New Starts applications for METRO's light rail expansion plans, including the Southeast, University and North corridors.  I also provided technical assistance to other portions of the project and coordinated work with three other area GIS professionals. Supported Hobby Airport property acquisition using GIS to identify land parcels that could be affected by various options and for draft and final Environmental Impact Statements.


Texas Southern University in Houston, TX, USA

·         Graduate Research Assistant, TSU BJ-ML SOPA UPEP

o        Air quality research across Texas.  Completed work for Dr. Beydoun and Dr. Lalita Sen under a grant-funded contract with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to produce an online air monitoring GIS using ESRI's ArcIMS software; the prototype was demonstrated in Austin, TX on 16 August 2006. Implementation by state of TCEQ Air Toxics GIS Tool with ArcIMS serving live map of air quality data from across the State of Texas, for retrieval by external research teams.

·         Graduate Research Assistant, TSU BJ-ML SOPA

o        Performed research assistant duties to Associate Dean for External Affairs for the School of Public Affairs in half-time assistantship, 20 hrs per week.  Research topics included independent commission drawn voting districts, gerrymandered voting districts and seat turnover.  Papers with former city council person Carroll Robinson included "50 Years after 50 Years after Brown vs. Board of Education."


Hook-N-Line GIS in Houston, TX

  • ACTIVITIES: Hook-N-Line had received a request from a major retail buyer in Arkansas to provide Hook-N-Line fishing maps for the major Arkansas recreational lakes.  Hook-N-Line hoped to use this opportunity to leverage first use of ESRI industry-standard GIS software as a part of its proprietary map-creation and map-production procedures.
  • RESULTS: In six weeks, provided tutorial services in the setup and operation of ESRI software and data.  Completed data for first four lake maps, including standardized tables for symbols, text, colors, roads, etc.

Houston-Galveston Area Council in Houston, TX

  • ACTIVITIES: Developed a 13-County Employment Database as core product for spatial analysis of regional employment change patterns and input to Urban Sim. 
  • RESULTS: In three months using FoxPro and ArcView, I created an initial working product covering Harris and Fort Bend TX counties with about 180,000 establishment's 1999 and 1995 employment data. Enhanced SQL abilities to join, query, extensively analyze and update data.

Weingarten Realty Investors in Houston, TX

  • ACTIVITIES: Proficient implementation of 5-user MapInfo/AnySite Geographic Information System (GIS) on a LAN. Experience in retail location analysis used to quickly retrieve and display accurate data, including competitive and demographic information for use by leasing management and staff.
  • RESULTS: In three weeks, made operational update of AnySite 6.0 with 2000 demographics and over 40,000 competitive retail points. Over the next year I improved data quality through web research and remotely sensed coverage.

Equiva Services, LLC (Shell JV) in Houston, TX

  • ACTIVITIES: real estate business lead, three major projects in 15 months:
    • Development of proprietary web-based Intranet portal for standardized review/dissemination of real estate proposal data and milestones.
    • Field-validation of external and corporate data inputs to an integrated neural network/ GIS pilot application. Produced and validated outputs to advanced Excel economic models developed with Mercer consulting.
    • Served as dept. representative in an enterprise-wide Balanced Scorecard strategy/tactics/budget-alignment effort and metric development.
    • The web-based application enabled quadrupled effort by 40 RE reps.
    • My contributions helped 1999 property sale proceeds exceed plan, but held expenses to 40% of original department budget.

Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. in Detroit, MI

  • ACTIVITIES: Researched, recommended, created, integrated and managed corporate Geographic Information System for site analysis, local store marketing and network modeling of customer propensities. Responsible for accurate geocoding.
  • RESULTS: The firm's GIS investment paid back in less than one year, continuously profitable. Instrumental data manager for Key Alliance w/ Kmart Corp., which generated $60+M new retail profits while avoiding any franchise infringement.

City of Pontiac in Pontiac, MI

  • PUBLIC SERVICE in urban redevelopment included use of GIS tools (MapInfo); grants management, public review committees and housing plan development. Bid solicitations, environmental review, and project/contract management for $3 MM of federal block grant funds. Residential relocation, building demolition, and site prep.

City of Muskegon Heights in Muskegon Heights, MI

  • PUBLIC SERVICE in urban design/redevelopment included early adoption of GIS tools (Atlas GIS), grant, proposal and general/special plan drafts and presentations at city meetings, interdepartmental and intergovernmental liaisons. Successfully secured HUD Enterprise Community and Dept. of Justice Weed & Seed funding. Responsible for this city sweeping three statewide planning awards in 1991.

McKenna Associates, Inc. in Detroit, MI

  • McKenna Associates began with four employees. Company has since grown to over 50 planners, economic development specialists, becoming the predominant planning consultant in the Michigan/Ohio region. 
  • ACTIVITIES: I performed assistant planner tasks and the company's urban design needs as its Associate Urban Designer. Attended city meetings, performed site plan, special use and rezoning review services.
  • RESULTS: Wrote complete urban design plan for Belleville, MI. Authored historic and sign design guidelines. Completed display maps and designs for Belleville, Ypsilanti, Ecorse, Bay City, Hazel Park and aerial renderings of Southfield, MI. Involved in billboard battles along the Michigan highways.