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Paul Martin Suckow

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I'm currently (2009) a fifth-year PhD. student in urban planning-environmental policy at Texas Southern University's Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs. I am married to the beautiful Donna Diao Suckow, a Social Work Supervisor at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. I am the Senior Planner with Harris County Community Services Department.

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My wish to leave the Earth more beautiful than I found it may seem unattainable given the recent ravages of the planet by humankind.  But through the gift of planning and a forelove of future life on Earth, I believe that I and my generation may not perish until we have found a way certain to accomplish this dream in the long run.


What is my purpose? 

To leave the Earth more beautiful than I found it.  

  • I imagine this was the dream of countless Native American buffalo farmers who built the great prairies and harvested only that needed.  
  • I imagine this was the dream of megalithic city-builders that skillfully wrought lasting monuments from living rock in the fertile ice-age valleys and above on mountaintops. 
  • I imagine this was the dream of every space-farer that has seen our planet from afar off, our sparkling blue-green jewel.

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