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Consumer-protective Electric Switch Process
In Texas, we are fortunate to have the option of choosing our preferred electric provider.  The process of switching from one provider to another is transparent, painless and most important, protective of the customer's right to know and right to make their own decision.
Here's all you may ever want to know about the TX "switch" process:
  • Sign up online
  • Wait 3-5 business days for the credit department to verify your application by pulling an online "fuel discharge" report from the information you provided on your signup form, and mail you product information in your "welcome package."  Note that while you review this welcome information with your family or significant others, you continue to utilize your old electric provider:  nothing switches until you make your go-ahead decision.  Two more bills from your old provider are typical before the switch is completed, but you can rest assured that you will not be "slammed" by anyone into making your decision nor suffer repercussions for doing so.  Also, you can be sure that no double billing will happen during the switch process. 
  • You'll receive an ERCOT (state regulator's) card about two weeks after signing up, which will give you clear instructions about how to make the final decision in the process that began by signing up with Green Mountain.  It will inform you that if you DO WANT Green Mountain electricity, no further action is necessary. It then lists several easy ways to stop the whole switch process right then and there, if that's what you would rather do.
  • At the end of your next regularly scheduled billing period, the meter will be read, and service with your old electric provider will end.  They'll send you their final bill soon after. There is no chance you'll be double billed, and your old company will not have to contact you again for any reason.
  • Service using cleaner Green Mountain electricity will begin without interruption, as evidenced by your first bill from Green Mountain Energy Company at the end of the NEXT period, usually one to two months into the switch process.
Between what you have learned here & what you can learn elsewhere, I'm sure you'll agree:  
It only makes sense to get electricity that's made a better way, for a cleaner, healthier future.  
However, most people don't know it already costs the same or less!  Do the obvious right thing, and start the switch process TODAY!


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