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WINDPOWER - it's only wise!

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Don't be penny-wise and tons of pollutants foolish!

Today, air pollution from electricity is a problem that can be stopped, at no additional cost to the consumer.  Though foreign nations are ahead of us, fourteen utility-scale wind farms are already in operation in West-Central Texas, with more power capacity than the installations of the entire State of California (as of the end of 2006)!  Texas is a deregulated electric state, where the customer can choose the fuel mix they use to generate their electricity.  Customers choose a fuel mix by choosing a retail energy provider. 

There's nothing weird about buying wind power - no special requirements, no windmill on your roof, nothing to notice other than your electric reliability goes on as it always has before - but without the price tag of  pollution's future costs, conservatively 3.25 cents per kilowatthour NPV!  That means you should compare TXU Energy's fixed rate 10% green solution TXU Energy Texas Choice 24 (Terms of Service   |   Facts Label) not at 14.9 cents but at 17.8 cents per kWh!

You've always paid your bill to a large electric company. Now pay the same dollar amount or less for pollution-free energy: 14.0 cents per kiloWatt-hour, variable rate month-to-month, and unlike many competitors no additional charges apply - nothing more!  Simply redirect your existing electricity budget toward Green Mountain Energy Company to purchase POLLUTION-FREE TX renewable electricity with a combination of wind and hydro power at the same cost as the other bill-payers pay in your market...It's a great way to test-drive green energy without an obligation to continue.  But if you like it, and you will, you can lock in more savings by paying less in the long run when you choose the Reliable Rate Option for a flat rate of 15.5 cents/kWh for the next 12 months (note this option does create a 12-month contract that you can easily carry with you when you move around the state)  For those of us along the TX Gulf Coast, this option provides a full year of price security no matter what kind of storms nature may throw our way or how high energy prices climb...very important!  

Last updated:  02/06/2009

Green Mountain Electricity remains near the high end for renewable electricity offers.  But with that rate comes security:  Knowing that this company and this clean electric product will always be around, knowing that your personal information is safe, knowing that you are getting exactly what you are paying for.  The following link will let you see all the electricity offers in your Texas ZIP code (Try Rate Type: Fixed and Renewable Content: 100%)--

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