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Ph.D. Research Notes

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Future TSU Candidate for Ph.D. in Urban Planning- Environmental Policy since 1/1/2006. Specialty: ADAPTATION PLANNING
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Welcome to my Research Notes!
  • Climate Change Disaster mitigation through proactive metropolitan planning
  • Global environmental justice and nonviolent political advocacy
  • Sustained predeluvian civilization at the Paleolithic/Pleistocene boundary
  • Public education and participation
In the bright box at the bottom of this page are resources that will make it easier to jot down citations, notes, quotes, ideas from whatever library, coffeeshop or elegant Parisian cafe (riiiight) I happen to have ascended online. 
You are welcome to share or even contribute to them if you like, but as always no plaigerism of my original work may occur.  My best to you, gentle reader. 

Snail Mail Address:  Paul Martin Suckow * TSU BJ-ML SOPA Urban Planning - Environmental Policy Program - 3100 Cleburne * Houston * TX * 77004

Casual research tools, to help us gain knowledge.

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