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Ancient Art
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Here are some of the images I've been able to assemble showing magatama, the ancient symbol representing the human spirit. In this album, I've assembled some photographs of my favorite kinds of authentic magatama.  I reproduce some magatama in polymer clay, which I sell. You can read all about magatama right here in my magatamarts photo album.

Images used by the permission of the originator of each image.  Images will be removed if permission of their originators is revoked, and they are not reproducible for commercial use in any form.  Original copyright notices accompany the images as applicable.  Borrowed imagery, when clicked, links back in-situ to the site of origin.

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Copyright(c)2003; Chuoh-Chichukai-Tsusin/Sakata Ma
a paleolithic stone magatama; undatably ancient

Buy 1 Item # 2 light (Paleolithic) stone color hand-crafted replica magatama only for $18.95, free shipping.

Same mounted as individual pendant on soft sturdy adjustable suede necklace (2N):  just $6.00 more for total of $24.95. 

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Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my examples and products. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!
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