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This fills out personality details for Paul M. Suckow.



This person is a very creative optimist who never has a shortage of new ideas. He accepts others as they are, likes to be helpful, and is compassionate. His freedom and independence are very important. His well-developed insight into others and communication skills allows him to inspire those around them. He has a good sense of humor and loves to have fun.

In relationships he may turn intimacy into an all-encompassing pursuit. He is very aware of what those around them are thinking and doing. His people skills allows him to make friends instantly and makes almost anyone comfortable. He tends to idealize his/her relationships (very intense, faithful, sincere). The warmth and affection he gives others is very deep and genuine.

On the Meyers-Briggs instrument, this personality type is known as:   E-N-F-P.


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Famous ENFPs:

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