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Here is more information about 2000Webbitects business philosophy, history, clients and partners.

Business Philosophy

2000Webbitects ...
is dedicated to the production of good quality, inexpensive web presence that will meet needs of our clients, their customers, partners, friends, family and associates;
2000Webbitects ...
believes that no resource should be wasted pleasuring shareholders at the expense of others, but that every business decision should benefit shared cultures to enhance human growth by sustainable means;
2000Webbitects ...
will fight to loosen contemporary American fixation with measures, means and exclusive control of wealth and power on a planet rapidly losing any context for prosperity due to inappropriately defended and cowardly mindsets of a tiny controlling minority among the 6.5 billion humans now alive (statistic from March, 2006);
2000Webbitects ...
conscientiously repudiates the more effortless rise expensed against all others pressed hard down, and to support those who struggle, to help them rise with shared lift whenever possible;
2000Webbitects ...
wishes to enhance the human world that respects and reflects glittering interdependence and natural joy of a universe abundantly alive.
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What's in our Name

I invented and claimed copyright to the name 2000Webbitects with these five things in mind:
2000Webbitects ...
The year 2000 marked undeniable change on every time scale from year to millennium, and a remarkable "Since..." number for a sign over a workshop entrance in, say, 2046.
2000Webbitects ...
Numerals up front place this name high in some alphabetical rankings.
2000Webbitects ...
Two thousand references a pleasantly large number, hopeful of wide collaboration - partnering - opportunity and indicative of the strength - diversity - stability found in laws that operate with large numbers.
2000Webbitects ...
I am an actual graduate architect (M.Arch, 1986) that approached education as learning in an interdisciplinary natural / technical / human / social environment.  The personal life I chose cast its own web bridging races and cultures across our shared globe.  So 2000Webbitects had personal significance to me.
2000Webbitects ...
Webitects neatly contracted a word for transcendent designer, "Architect", into the internet's "World Wide Web".  "Webitect", incidently, was already in use at the time on various web pages unrelated to me, so I considered the prefix "2000" and the "double b" necessary additions and meaningful distinctions.  Plus, I was beginning to receive junk mail with the address truncated to "2000Webite"!  Had to stop that! lol!